Kristi, Owner of Broken & Beloved in Xenia

Broken & Beloved Mercantile started as a custom boutique in Xenia in the fall of 2017.  What started as a dream quickly became reality when, in April 2018, owner Kristi Hutchison took the leap and opened a boutique and workshop space at Kennedy Korners in Xenia.  From the start of opening the boutique and workshop space, Kristi dreamed of expanding her business and collaborating more with other businesses and industries. So, in the fall of 2018, Kristi took the plunge and expanded her existing business to become Broken & Beloved Mercantile. 2019 was a great year for the Mercantile building relationships with customers and artisans alike.

2020 brought a lot of change. Aside from the Covid-19 pandemic affecting people and businesses around the globe, Kristi was diagnosed with a debilitating, degenerative neuromuscular disease leaving her unable to run a day-to-day retail business. But, her creativity and ingenuity remain.

Kristi launched the Broken & Beloved Mercantile Box at the end of 2020. Each box is themed and filled with treasures…candles, jewelry, soap, journal, etc…sourced locally and handmade or decorated. Each box is filled with original artwork and a magazine-like publication with original devotionals, writing, and art all uplifting and encouraging. The first box, JOY: Winter 2020 sold out in just 2 weeks! In 2021, four new boxes will be released quarterly and will be available individually or as a subscription. Kristi will also be selling original artwork online and taking orders for commissioned original art pieces. Keep watching and following on our website and social media pages as the business of Broken & Beloved Mercantile continues to evolve and grow.